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[Picture shows 5 Band-its piled up together.]



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What are Band-its?

Band-it has been designed alongside people who are visually impaired to give greater independence in the home by enabling confident identification of objects.

It enables you to quickly and easily marker everyday objects in your home to more easily identify them. Whether this is consumables in the kitchen, bathroom products or remote controls in your living room is up to you! 


[Pictures show: 1 yellow Band-it with cylinder patterns around a tin can. 2 orange Band-it with dome patterns around a spray can. 3 green Band-it with triangular pyramid pattern wrapped twice around a remote control. 4 blue Band-it with cube pattern wrapped around a medicine box. 5 five different Band-its, blue, orange, yellow, green, red piled up together. 6 two Band-its, red and blue, wrapped around tin cans, next to three Band-its, yellow, green, orange, piled on a table next to it.]

Absolutely wonderful! I’m registered blind and if I’d had things like these 9 years ago things would have been a lot easier. The different shaped ones are brilliant, the colours are so helpful and I can see them all. You could use these on anything!
— Carol, Visually Impaired Person

How can it be used?

  • On bathroom products, medicine bottles, kitchen cupboard items, remote controls etc for visually impaired people
  • Object of reference for multi-sensory impaired people
  • Shampoo/Conditioner marker for people who wear glasses

[Picture shows Sue, one of the product testers, sat holding some of the Band-its and talking about the product.]

[Picture shows Sue, one of the product testers, sat holding some of the Band-its and talking about the product.]

I am hoping that these products will save me from doing my biggest mistake. I sprayed my beautiful dining room table with Oven cleaner instead of polish. A very costly mistake!
— Sue, Visually Impaired Person

What makes Band-it different?


Band-it can be used repeatedly on the same items as they are replaced in your home: no need to buy a new set each time, saving you money and reducing your contribution to landfill.


If you have no sight then the tactile surfaces provide a way to feel how the bands are different. These are simple shapes that are easily recognisable.


Brightly coloured

This means they are usable regardless of what level of visual impairment, if any, you have. Most people can still see yellow close up even if you are registered blind. Bright colours help with identifying different objects more easily if you have some sight remaining.


Both in material and in function. You might want three different ones to use on your bathroom products. Or you might want five different ones to differentiate your baking ingredients, or five of the same to use on your tins of tomato soup. It really is up to you. And the bands act like elastic to adjust to different sized objects.

An alternative label

We rely very heavily on written information when we have a range of senses that we can use to interact with the world. These bands provide an alternative and complementary marker system, appealing on a visual and tactile level rather than written.


The indented line

There is an indented line on each of the bands which is different to the shapes around the edge. This is so that the bands can help you identify which way around an object is facing, for example on a spray can this gives you confidence that you are using it the correct way around.

How much will it cost?

  • Pack of 2 (different colours) £5 + postage
  • Pack of 5 (different colours) £10 +postage

If you are registered blind or partially sighted you will qualify for free delivery.  If you are a business or organisation interested in placing a larger order, please email to discuss.