4 cans with different colour bands around them

Tactile labelling for people with sight loss.

Say goodbye to product mix ups with tactile labelling

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Watch how the simple tactile design of Band-it can impact your life, giving you confidence and independence.

Daily living aids don't need to be ugly.

Since day one, Band-it has been made alongside people who are visually impaired with the intention of creating a beautiful product that meets an everyday need. These tactile labels are a piece of daily living equipment for independent living (otherwise known as aids for daily living, disability aids, daily living aids, disability products, or even disabled equipment). We believe that people should be enabled to live as independently as possible, and that good design can help bring that about.

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Absolutely wonderful! I’m registered blind and if I’d had things like these 9 years ago things would have been a lot easier. The different shaped ones are brilliant, the colours are so helpful and I can see them all. You could use these on anything!


[The shapes] are not too small, because if they're too small they can be difficult for someone who is visually impaired to handle. Little things, like this product, make your life so different. You feel you've got the reins of your life a little bit, because you feel when you lose your sight you've lost control.


I am hoping that these products will save me from doing my biggest mistake. I sprayed my beautiful dining room table with oven cleaner instead of polish. A very costly mistake!


Thanks Hannah! Very handy for my blind daughter with all the different bottles for shampoos and shower gels.


This idea is amazing. I buy it for a dear friend hoping it will save him time and that he won't confuse salt with sugar!

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Band-it and you!

We want to know how you are using Band-it, what you wish Band-it could do and if there are any products that you wish existed to help with your everyday life. Tweet us photos and thoughts @banditproducts or email hannah@bandituk.com and help us share your ideas.

Band-it is now stocked by the RNIB

If you are a business customer, please order directly from the RNIB by emailing Keyaccount.Orders@rnib.org.uk 

It is also listed by the Disabled Living Foundation on Living made easy

I am an architect by education and I'm very thrilled to see your nice design - the tactile part as well as the bright, beautiful colours. There are so many ugly assistive aides around, so it makes me very happy to see something so well designed.


Really like them - we both have some degree of cognitive dysfunction so it's useful to be able to tell at a glance which water bottle is mine, for example. They're also pretty good to have on hand for stimming (autism thing - basically a thing to fidget with) without being too obviously A Stim Toy.