Best Band-it Reactions

[Picture shows orange paper, with handwriting that reads: Ingenious and very useable an ex-nurse I can see how valuable this product could be both in the workplace and in the home as a tactile aid and also to grip various household items -  a multitude of uses for many vulnerable people and also children.]

I wanted to share with you some of the best reactions people have had to Band-it so far:

'Sent to a friend of mine who has been looking for this very thing for her son for a few months now!’

‘This product would really give my gran greater independence in her home.’

'Looking forward to giving 2 special friends of mine the bands for a surprise present. I know they will find them very useful.'

‘I think it’s a great idea, especially for older people who are losing their vision and who may not be so tech savvy, or for people who want to quickly identify what belongs to them, especially if they share a house with other visually impaired people with colour perception. Yes, the labelling market is very crowded, but as someone who had some useful vision, I get where the product could benefit the VI community.’

'We also thought they would be a great dinner band idea for schools. Our children choose between red or green dinners but for blind children, they obviously can’t differentiate between red & green bands. Your textured bands would be a fab idea & way to have a difference.’

'Another use case or set of use cases for Band-it occurred to me. There are a number of valves and switches in ships & submarines which need to be found, identified and switched in conditions of flood, fire and battle damage. Band-it would be a huge aid to the Royal Navy for when compartments are filled with smoke and/or water. To the Merchant Navy in firefighting situations and to Commercial Divers conducting salvage or subsea operations. Speaking as a former Submariner, turning a valve in the wrong direction in a smoke-filled compartment is terrifying. Get it wrong and you'll kill everyone onboard!'

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