Crowdfunder Backers

Band-it would not have been successfully funded on if it was not for all of the lovely backers that pledged towards this project, helping cover the cost of the tooling to get the first set of Band-its made - a total of £5338.

There are 148 people who backed the project. Here they are:

Hazel Church, Sean Bailey, Cathy Evans, Liam Brannigan, Rachel Campbell, Paul Scoones, Helen, Ruth Naylor, Jan and John Marshall, Florence Gildea, Christine Rootes, Ann M. Conefrey, Pam Manning, Alex Butenko, Beau, Pamela West, Silvia de Andrade, William T, Sian, Megan Webb, Daniel Osmond, Rosie Roberts, Sophia Medine, James Bristow, Niels Schneider, Brendan Beaton, Ginny and Neil, Jolarcombe, Izzy Woodman, Barnaby Slater, josiewoo, Irina Khvalova, Becky, Dave and Bren Easterbrook, Paul W, Clair, Charity James, Melissa, Jo Cousins, Mary, PositiveEyeLtd, Birgit Christensen, Paul Newdick, Alyson Helen Joy, Joe Parton, Mrs Frances Pritchard, Jonathan Salmon, Christine Tarrant, BillCilla, P Jordan, Adam Chescoe, Susy Mundy, Angela O'Sullivan, Ben Leonard, Sabina, Becky Males, Elizabeth Farndale, Roger & Jenny Osborne, Nick Widdowson, Robert & Anne-Marie, Paul Blake, Liz Halliday, Laura Sampson, Sarah Elizabeth Finnegan, Colin Naughten, Alan and Pat Scoones, Jacki & John Barnes, Michael, Esther Mulholland, Rob Dobson, Ginny and Neil, Francisco Newby, Alistair Ruff, Elaine Uncles, Norman Gulliver, Matt Cox, Benjamin Kill, Phil Walker, Rachel Campbell, Fish, Roger Chilman, Samanthatrebilcock, Izzy and David Doran, Anna Skodbo, Kit, Sharon Urquhart, Ben Scoones, Jill Rae, Liffy Gorton, Dave, Roger & Jenny Osborne, Pat Blake, Kerry Foster, Dan Heap, Gorgina Blackwell, Mr Andreas Beaumont, John Kelly, Johanna Scoones, Margaret Gildea, John Clarkson, Chris Pettipiere, Neil & Julia, Ian Mitchell, Saskia, Ann Pettitpiere, 50 Anonymous backers.


There are also some people who have been a huge help to me, Hannah, to get this project off of the ground and helped in other very practical ways:

Pip Cree - for doing all of the media including putting together videos and photographs of the products and people. Her photography work is at

Ben Leonard - UKTI Trade Advisor who has been an invaluable business mentor from the beginning.

Nicky Lock - has both been a good fellow self-employed co-worker and sounding board for various ideas.

Sian Morrison - did some of the initial branding design when this was still very much a concept, as well as designing the thank you cards to be sent out to crowdfunding backers, then getting quotes for them to be printed. And giving me general graphic design advice. Her portfolio is here

John Peters - saved me probably hours, if not days, of work trying to get 3D CAD files to do what they were supposed to, including fixing files and showing me better ways to edit them. You can check out his work at

Claire Peters - has let me use her home on a fairly regular basis to co-work from and been someone to talk through ideas and challenges with, as well as providing copious amounts of tea.

Connor Young - did some of the initial photos for Band-it. You can see his photography portfolio here


There are more of you than are listed here who have helped talk through different aspects of this project and been generally encouraging - thank you.

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