What is Voom?

Voom is a business competition run by Virgin Media. There are £1 million of prizes up for grabs, including business support, cash funding and the chance to 'Pitch to Rich'. Band-it is entered into three categories: Start-up Award, Impact Award and Crowdfunder Award. You can read details on the full prizes and award categories here. Votes are all that are needed to be considered for the start-up award; vote here.

Why enter?
This is a great opportunity to accelerate what happens with Band-it, with the potential to raise the profile of the business, raise further funds and further business support and training. This increases the chance to reach a wider audience with the existing product and could speed up how quickly the product range can be expanded, including being able to offer different sizes of the product.

The Crowdfunder Award
I am running another crowdfunding campaign through VOOM, this time with an all-or-nothing target of £1000, which needs to be reached by 23rd May to receive any of the funds. Any money raised from this will go directly towards the costs of manufacturing the first production run of Band-it.

There is also the chance to win a £50k cash prize. In order to be considered for this, Band-it needs to be in the top 5 businesses that have entered the crowdfunding award.

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Remember, the aim is for Band-it to be in the top 80 Start-Up Businesses, and top 5 Crowdfunder Businesses.


To be considered for any VOOM Awards, Band-it needs to be voted into the top 80 start-up businesses by the 23rd May. You can vote here:


Anyone can vote, and it takes seconds using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Band-it is currently only 131 votes off of this, so if each of you votes and shares the link with your contacts this is possible! When sharing, please ask people to vote, pledge and shareThank you!

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