Headshot Hannah Scoones

Hannah Scoones, Director of Band-it Products Ltd

Band-it started trading in April 2017 and has come about as the result of my vision for a world with more thoughtfully designed products for all people, regardless of age or ability. It began at Falmouth University, where I first became interested in inclusive design and realised that there was a lot that could be done better in the disability market. Band-it is just one small product that helps to contribute towards that ideal of better accessibility to everyday life for people with a visual impairment. After graduating, I was part of the Graduate Pre-Incubation Programme that helped me to settle on Band-it as the idea to focus on, providing business start-up support and mentoring. I ran a crowdfunding campaign in April 2016 to raise some money to cover the costs of getting the moulds manufactured to make the bands, and a year later was able to start selling the product. Soon after this, I began discussions with the RNIB for them to start selling it as well, which was an affirmation of the value of the product for people who are visually impaired. I'm now looking into what next with Band-it, whether that is new products or new ways of using Band-it. If you have any ideas of products you would like to see made, want to share how you are using Band-it, or would like to find out more about my story please do get in touch by emailing hannah@bandituk.com.


July 2014: GPIP Award

Feb 2017: Named one of Cornwall’s 30 under 30 for 2016, an award recognising young business talent in Cornwall.