VAT reliefs for disabled people and Free delivery under articles for the blind

Free Delivery under Articles for the Blind

If you qualify for free shipping under articles for the blind, simply select this shipping option. By doing so you are declaring that this is something you qualify for.

You may qualify for free delivery if this product is for someone who is registered as blind under the provisions of the National Assistance Act 1948. We also include people whose standard of close-up vision, with spectacles is N12 or less and certified by an ophthalmologist, doctor or ophthalmic optician.

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VAT Reliefs for Disabled People

If you qualify for VAT free products, please fill out the following form. This will then be paired with your order and the VAT you have paid will be refunded to you. This will then be applied to your account and future orders will not be charged for VAT.

If you would prefer, you can create an account with us and fill out this form before ordering. Once it has been verified, you will then be able to buy products free from VAT.