How can Band-it be used by those with arthritis?

Four shower bottles with different coloured Band-its around them

Have you ever found it difficult to open a jar in the kitchen or dropped your shampoo in the shower? Band-it provides extra grip around different products, as they act like thick elastic bands. This is great for giving lids an extra grippy layer, which makes jars and bottles that bit easier to open. For this to be most effective, you can place two bands around a jar, one around the lid and one around the base.

Flask with yellow Band-its around lid and body.

Image shows hand holding flask with yellow Band-its on lid and body of the flask.

"Mum uses @BanditProducts to distinguish her coffee flask and to open its stiff lid!"

Image by @jjoldie, Twitter 

They can also be used around other objects in the home that can get slippery, including in a wet environment such as the bathroom. If you’re frequently dropping your shampoo and conditioner bottles, made more likely by the soap suds, this can provide that extra grip that you need and is much safer than trying to pick up a bottle from the shower tray.

You can buy Band-it here for £15.54 inc VAT.